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Lisa Brown: Certified Professional Positive Psychology Life Coach

TOPIC: Choose Happiness

August 2, 2018 from 7-8:30 PM


Lisa Brown


Choose Happiness

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. ~Eckhart Tolle
Through humorous anecdotes, that include, of all things, a garage door and dirty dishes, Lisa Brown will have you feeling better from the inside out.
We all have something that gnaws at us, frustrates us, or we feel badly about. Now, let’s shift those negative feelings to positive feelings. Lisa will help you learn to lift that weight from you’re your shoulders, to make your daily life more pleasant.
We can increase and create happiness through our thoughts.
Lisa’s approach is realistic; she will help you develop the skills to be aware of the thought that create negative feelings, and to convert them to positive ones. She will tell you, “If you don’t like how you feel about something change your thought!”
We may not be able to make every situation rosy but we can certainly find a way to feel better. When all else fails, use Lisa’s secret weapon: LAUGH!


Lisa Brown Biography


Lisa Brown is a positive psychology life coach, passionate about helping individuals and couples lead happier lives by unearthing and tapping into their strengths, values and desires. Years ago, while in a challenging marriage, Lisa found herself searching to learn how to be happier. Rather than focusing on what wasn’t working in her life through traditional therapy, she knew she wanted to give herself permission to dream about who she could be at her best.
Lisa studied positive psychology with Tal Ben Shahar, through Wholebeing Institute. She experienced firsthand the lessons and life-changing tools the science of happiness provides. She found the courage and strength to create a life where she is free to shine. From the personal success of her own journey, Lisa is dedicated to helping others discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from living a life of gratitude, self-validation and self-worth.
In Lisa’s own words; “Positive psychology taught me that almost half of my happiness is within my immediate control. I choose to work that half like an athlete, because feeling good, feels great.”
Lisa coaches one on one, conducts empowering workshops, teaches the proven tools and lessons positive psychology offers, and mentors new coaches striving for success. Recently, Lisa has expanded her reach through webinars and public speaking. Lisa is certified in positive psychology, a certified professional positive psychology life coach, ELI MP (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner), and specializes in relationships; always starting with the one we have with ourselves.


Lisa Brown