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February 1, 2024 from 7:00-8:30 pm


Cornell Lewis

Join me in welcoming

Cornell Lewis



Definition of Empowerment

    • The need for empowerment
      (“lives of quiet desperation”)

A. Bellevue Street Empowerment

  1. People living ordinary existence
    • Drug dealing and feeling helpless
    • Drugs, crime, assaults,
  2. Defining Moment
    • Latina sexually assaulted. Existential moment-one person intervened the community was rallied and empowered discussion, tactics, perseverance, threats. VICTORY 8 WEEKS LATER.

B. Community Empowerment

  1. Organized to run the drug dealers out of Hartford Northend
    • Coaltion of activists black, white, LGBTQ, Puerto Rican Nationalists, Christian, Muslim, Mormons.
  2. Suburban /Urban Dialogue
    • Went to suburbs with a message (“you buy drugs in Hartford”)
    • Went to suburbs with arrest records of people caught buying narcotics
    • Woke up white drug buyers on Saturday 10am..megaphones “Don’t buy drugs in Hartford.”
  3. We held discussion and forums in Avon, etc-well received.
    • This helped people to see how complicit suburban people were in drug trade. Hosted to speak in homes, churches, political forums.

C. Empowerment Against Racism During Protests

    • Training activists against Neo-Nazis, White Supremacy, and Being attacked.
  1. Strategy while protesting situational/ environmental awareness
    • Strategy “all warfare is based on deception” Sun Tzu The Art of War
    • Hand to hand combat training on Saturdays of protestors.
    • Security people are legally armed and disciplined at rallies.


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Name: Cornell Lewis

Born: Detroit, Michigan

Lives in Connecticut

Degrees: Lincoln Christian College in Lincoln, Illinois

  •   BA Urban Evangelism.. New Testament translation and study in Greek
  •   Studies in Philosophy at LCC and Lincoln College

Master of Education Degree: from Springfield College in Massachusetts

  •  Higher degree in rehabilitation study and therapy (counseling, addiction,group counseling, family therapy, holistic therapy etc).
  •  In home family counseling, shelter liaison, street counseling of Axis I people.

Social justice activists, organizer, teacher of hand to hand combat and protest tactics.


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