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January 4, 2024 from 7:00-8:30 pm


Terry Walters

Join me in welcoming

Terry Walters: Nourishing Body, Mind and Soul

Maximize Your Good Health

Join friend and local cookbook author, Terry Walters, for a plant-based approach to getting the most out of life. Living large takes more than just three-square meals. Terry will teach, inspire, and empower us to eat our way to delicious good health in the year ahead. Bring your questions to assure you get exactly what you need to take the next steps in your journey to good health.


Terry Walters is the best-selling cookbook author of CLEAN FOOD, CLEAN START, EAT CLEAN LIVE WELL, and most recently, NOURISH: Plant-based Recipes to Feed Body Mind and Soul. She is a James Beard Foundation Award finalist, recipient of the Nautilus Gold and Silver Book Awards, and recipient of the World Gourmand “Second Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World” and “Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the United States” Awards.

Terry is a highly sought-after educator, consultant, and speaker, and has been teaching plant-based cooking and wellness to audiences all over the world for over twenty years. She is a dedicated chef, coach, and advocate, sharing her knowledge and passion for making healthy change in the way we eat and live.

She is an avid runner, skier and hiker – living what she teaches; doing her best to embrace good health for herself, her family, her community and the environment. Follow her at www.terrywalters.net or on Instagram at @TerryWaltersCooks.

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Best-selling cookbook author, Terry Walters, introduces NOURISH – Plant-based recipes to feed body mind and soul. NOURISH features 200 vegan and gluten-free seasonal recipes, abundant information on healthy cooking techniques, tools, and tips, plus an entire section dedicated to Fermentation and Gut Health. There is photography throughout, original artwork, and Terry’s own poetry. Readers will love how the book lays flat with no pages flipping while you’re cooking. NOURISH is the cookbook you’ve been waiting for, full of delicious inspiration
to empower healthy home cooking. Available at www.terrywalters.net.
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Praise for NOURISH:
“What Terry Walters has done by taking us on a journey through her gorgeous new book, Nourish, is offer us the kind of connection to life we all seem to be craving now—one that goes deeper and is more intimate and meaningful—and she does it in a way that keeps us mindful of how the practice of cooking and living a life filled with clean foods not only nourishes ourselves and our families, but also our communities and our planet. But Nourish is far more than the sum of its healthy, seasonal recipes that absolutely inspire you to cook, ferment, share and feed others with—it is a lifestyle too. It is a Northstar for life and one that, thanks to Terry, is filled with light and grace and kindness. All of which we need so much more of today, and always will.”
— Tracey Ryder, Co-Founder & CEO, Edible Communities

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