Tumble Brook Country Club, 367 Simsbury Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002   (860) 242-4600

December 7, 2023 from 7:00-8:30 pm


Chief Ambassador Spirit Eagle

Join me in welcoming Chief Ambassador Spirit Eagle on
Brave’s Journey — A Native American Truth


Wellness training with Spirit Eagle. If you or your fellow workers are looking for the usual techniques to improve your essence energy and spirit, then wellness training with Spirit Eagle is not for you.

But if you are looking to embark upon an inspiring physical, psychological, and spiritual journey that brings together health in all its aspects, the creative approach of Spirit Eagle is designed for you. Spirit’s unique combination of techniques are rooted in his Native American heritage, supplemented by his lifelong study of nutrition, exercise physiology, Native internal arts, and life experience. At the core of his philosophy is a profound belief that physical health grows out of mental discipline, self-awareness, and self-honor.

Spirit’s remarkable skill set focuses on the whole person and is specifically designed to overcome negativity and foster positivity and self-esteem. If you are like so many who have failed and failed again when struggling to develop a healthy attitude and lifestyle and a healthy nutrition and exercise regime, Spirit’s approach will without question reinvigorate your quest to reach your goals. Spirit is no novice. He worked for the state Department of Intellectual Disabilities for ten years, providing care and treatment for aggressive clients with a wide variety of serious behavioral problems. Director of AIC Program for at risk juveniles, many of them from broken homes, drug-addicted, or involved in gang activity. They responded to Spirit’s guidance because they knew the genuine article when they saw it. For years, he ran Thomson’s Fitness, Native American Training Center in East Hartford. He is accomplished in kickboxing, Native American Internal Arts, exercise therapies and other disciplines.

He designs Journey’s to fit the needs of his clients. His techniques promote the free flow of energy, strength of the immune system, and freedom or relief from illness or pain.

Spirit studied Native American medicine and healing at the elbow of his grandmother and Mother. He Is familiar with natural remedies for a wide range of illnesses. He grew up with deep knowledge and experience in the use of herbs and natural remedies. He has respect for Western medicine but has never taken pills or medicines prescribed by a physician. His knowledge of what many people call holistic medicine is encyclopedic. He is not a licensed physician but is familiar with what kinds of natural remedies can heal a vast variety of health problems and has healed many people who had given up on traditional treatments and therapies for everything from minor issues to health crises of the most serious kinds.

Aside from his many other gifts, what distinguishes Spirit most is his belief that mental training is as essential—or more essential—than physical training. Spirit believes that mental training provides the underpinning for success in any of life’s challenges—including wellness. Spirit’s training focuses on desire, dedication, determination, and discipline. Honor and dignity are at the core of his belief system. He is talented, creative, altruistic, and inspiring. His goal is to help you help yourself to attain better physical health through knowledge, compassion for your essence and your spirit. Collaborating with him does not provide a boring, repetitive set of routines, but rather a true journey—to health, wellness, and enlightenment. If you are looking for something inspirational and different, and a teacher with a unique approach to health and wellness, journeying with Spirit is the answer to what you have been searching for.

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