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by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Be Independently Wealthy!

Attachment makes you emotionally dependent. Become free. Give up your attachments.

Allow your happiness in life to be dependent on your own mind and not on anything external.

Attachments are normal. We all become attached to people, possessions, our environment and usual circumstances.

A master of happiness will appreciate what he or she has while they have them and the moment any specific thing is gone or lost, the focus will be on other things to appreciate and be grateful for.

At times, this could be gratitude for the memories that remain. Material and physical objects are temporary, memories are forever.

A master at non-attachment has nothing to worry about. Worry comes from dependence on things remaining the way you wish them to be.

Some people are concerned, “But if I am not attached to something, I won’t enjoy it.” Just the opposite. You will enjoy it more while you have it.

It’s like passing by a beautiful garden or sunset. You enjoy the moment. You don’t own it and aren’t attached to it. Therefore your enjoyment of it is total and complete.

From: Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s book: “Happiness”

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