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Karlee Fain: Celebrity Life Coach, Author, Speaker

September 6, 2018 from 7-8:30 PM
with Maria Sirois


Karlee Fain

Karlee Fain, author, speaker, and teacher, knows that burning yourself into the ground to achieve your goals, is an outdated approach; we all thrive through nourishment, not punishment. Instead, she bridges soul with proven science to show her clients how to reclaim a life and career that are deeply fulfilling and prosperous.
For years, Karlee worked exclusively with celebrity clients, successfully showing the high-profile leaders of our culture how to create and sustain peak performance by cultivating deep self-care as part of an effective business strategy. Her clients win Grammys, launch fulfilling businesses, and play professional sports while having time for a personal life and family. But she began to wonder: what about people that don’t have an entourage, don’t they deserve to thrive too?
Now Karlee works privately with “every day rockstars” and in corporate and education setting, with people who want to have the “Big 3” – a thriving career, health & relationships. You can expect to walk away from a session with Karlee knowing the doable steps to leverage joy, rest, clarity and your authentic values, to live a career and life you love.
Karlee’s speciality is showing driven people how to reclaim more time in their day. Learn more about what is possible for you when you have the space to breathe again at EveryBodyThrive.com.

“I coach driven people. Together we break through the roadblocks that high-achievers experience, unlocking a career and lifestyle that are both prosperous and meaningful. This link is where it all starts: EveryBodyThrive.com/start-here

Karlee Fain; KYT, LMT, AADP
Celebrity Health & Life Coach, Author, Speaker
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
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