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May 6, 2021 from 7-8:30 PM


Change is the only thing we know for certain will continue to happen in our lives.

Barbara Schulman

We are always in the midst of transitions throughout our lives. When we reach midlife, how do we deal with the myriad of transitions that occur in our lives, self created, as well as those that happen ’to” us. Are you a new empty nester, retiring, changing jobs, going through a divorce , newly getting married, or just learning how to come out of this past year of isolation and fear as COVID took over our lives.? Join Barbara Shulman as she discusses her desire to look at our transitions with compassion, intention and awareness, so we can gracefully move through these transitions with healing and loving compassion.

Barbara Shulman

Barbara Shulman is a healer, artist and entrepreneur.  Barbara started her healing education in 1988, earning a Master’s in Physical Therapy at Boston University.  Barbara worked as a physical therapist for 15 years in various clinical settings; enjoying the process of helping her patients regain function from disease and injury. Barbara transitioned from physical therapy to the world of arts, first starting in pottery, then glass fusion and now abstract painting.  Barbara owns an arts/healing center in downtown Guilford, CT (BSK Design, at the Greene Art Gallery), where she creates and has her healing practice under the same roof.

Barbara’s personal healing journey began almost 20 years ago, when she became ill with an unknown disease, that created a myriad of joint, and neurological symptoms.  She was later diagnosed with chronic lyme disease; the beginning of her own healing journey.  Barbara became fascinated with the idea that our thoughts affect our biology, and she quickly realized that our thoughts about our reality/obstacles hugely affect the healing process.    Barbara became a student of mind-based healing and was captivated with the process of forgiveness in healing.  Having never known the gift of forgiveness, Barbara started to understand its beauty and extraordinary value in terms of her quest for health, and in her personal life.  10 years ago she opened up her own healing practice specializing in forgiveness /empowerment.

Barbara’s healing practice is based in the science of neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticiy is the science that helps us understand that our brains are changeable and moldable, based on mental intention and behavior.  Barbara is currently being trained in a new mind/body healing process called Neuroplastic Functional Training (NFT).




BSK Design
29 Whitfield St
Guilford, CT 06437

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