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Can there be Happiness and Peace in the Aftermath of Tragedy?

Audrey Carlson

Dec 7 2017, 7-8:30 PM


Audrey Carlson


Please join us Thursday, December 7th, upstairs in the Gallery, to hear Audrey’s powerful story. 7-8:30 PM

Our next presentation will be: “Can there be happiness and peace in the aftermath of tragedy?” By Audrey Carson. Can one ever laugh without the pangs of guilt, open your heart to love again and learn to thrive and not merely survive? These are many of the questions we ask ourselves when life as we knew it no longer exists. Our daughter Elizabeth was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, our veterinarian, when she was just twenty-four. There is absolutely nothing to prepare you for such a tragedy. There came the day when I had to make the choice. Was I going to be engulfed in the treacherous waves of despair and fear, or was I going to go on my own journey to find a level of happiness and life with new meaning and purpose?
I want to tell my story with hopes that others who walk in my shoes can come to understand how we are all connected through pain, loss, grief, disappointment and failure. These are wounds that are not easily visible but run deep and leave unforgettable scars. In the words of my mentor Dr. Bernie Siegel, “we need to learn how to take all the — in our life, sprinkle compost on it and watch what grows.”

When I could not breathe, I had to learn how. I explored the invisible intangible spirit world desperate to find answers to unanswered questions. For the first time in my life I felt the need to go back to school. I chose a graduate program of Holistic Health and Healing studies to learn and evolve into the person I needed to be.

My travels took me behind prison walls asking questions about forgiveness and love. I became empowered and fueled through a new understanding and knowledge with what happens in the absence of love. I found my own way to let go of the gnawing anger and not let it manifest in dis-ease knowing full well it potentially would kill me, too. I was not going to let Elizabeth’s murderer kill me and my family. We needed to carve out a new life and not be defined by tragedy and surround ourselves with others of the same mind set.

Audrey is the facilitator of The Hartford Happiness Club which was launched in May of 2014 and continues to grow locally as well as sprout globally. Monthly free meetings are at The Town and Country Club which provides a wonderful place for people to meet, grow and connect. I would love to share my story and how I chose happiness, peace and love in the aftermath of losing our daughter.

Date & Time: Thursday, December 7, 2017, from 7:00 – 8:45 P.M.

For further info e-mail PrintLRK@aol.com, call 203-258-7777 or www.HappinessClub.com.
Everyone is welcome; admission is free. Meet some wonderful people using happiness in their lives. Learn to have the peace of mind you need and experience happiness now.


Please join us Thursday, December 7th, upstairs in the Gallery, for my presentation. 7-8:30 PM.

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