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Find Happiness near Simsbury CT


The Hartford Happiness Club will show you how to find happiness. Located near Simsbury CT,  The Hartford Happiness Club exists to bring people together, to make new friends, to help people overcome the challenges life throws before us. We know that being Happy is the most powerful skill you can learn. You can be Happy right now and for every moment to come for the rest of your life. Happiness empowers greater insight in each of us to further a collective vision of world peace. Unconditional Happiness spreads incorruptible Love, and brings authentic freedom to all of creation sharing this beautiful planet.

What is Unhappiness costing you?

Hartford Happiness Club empowers you with the ability to find happiness within yourself, to encourage yourself to remain positive, and to inspire others to do the same. We believe that Happiness benefits your relationships, your health, and can make the world a more peaceful place one person at a time.

Get Involved

It is all up to you. Happiness becomes you. We have free meetings every month at the Fairfield Public Library, located at 1080 Old Post Road, Fairfield, CT.


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