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December Guest Speaker Alexia Bouckoms


It’s Your Choice


December 5, 2019 from 7-8:30 PM

alexia bouckoms


Alexia Bouckoms

Introducing Alexia Bouckoms as an extraordinary example how she made her way through the unimaginable to redefine her life as a shining example of how to live life and its blessings.

Until 23 years ago I could be described as ‘Alexia Bouckoms, a dentist and public health researcher, mother of three children, and wife of Anthony John Bouckoms’. Then on February 25, 1996 while driving home from an indoor soccer game during a terrible windstorm my life was altered in unfathomable ways when a tree fell on our car resulting in the death of my husband and six year old son sitting in the back seat, in a spinal cord injury for me, and non-life-threatening injuries for my other two children. Since regaining consciousness 39 days later I have strived to fashion a life out of the rubble. Most importantly I can say that Sarah and Miles have gone on to lead enviable, well-adjusted lives. Upon gathering my physical, emotional and psychological strengthens I was able to provide a stable homestead and did my best to raise money and awareness regarding the possibility of restoring function following my spinal cord injury. At first I couldn’t imagine living without half of my body functioning. But now I can truly say I’ve had a remarkable time in spite of Not Walking. Sure I would be delighted if there were a ‘cure’ for my paralysis. However, I can’t wait to walk to live my life. I have to live it now.


Please Join Me In Welcoming Alexia Thursday December 5th.

All are welcome!

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7-8:30 PM