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Choose Happiness – Hartford CT

The Hartford Happiness Club is looking for individuals who have decided to take control of their lives and CHOOSE Happiness. Our club is a positive, life-affirming and uplifting force in our members’ lives. In our club, our members strive to carry happiness into the world each day, changing the world for the better one individual at a time. The Happiness Club is a fun club to get involved with, on many levels.

Today, millions of people are “looking” for happiness. Our fast-paced world serves up thousands of distractions, perceived threats, bombardment from ‘news’ and ‘social media’. This information age that has made us input junkies, and we feel more alone and unhappy with ourselves and wonder why. Happiness does not come from a pill bottle. There is nothing you can take to make yourself happy until you change your mind and BE Happy.

Why Choosing Happiness is Important

Happiness is a skill that can be learned. Happy people change the world around them in many ways. A positive, happy attitude is infectious, and it all begins with a CHOICE. Happiness makes your brain think differently. Once a person chooses happiness, he feels good. Happiness brings a lightness of being, a sense of subtle connectedness with the world and all that is in it. Happy people have better health, tend to live longer, and expect good outcomes, even in adversity. Happy people change the way they approach ‘challenges’ – problem solving tends to lead to more creative solutions, perhaps because we are creating more beneficial chemistry and hormones.

Happy people are not violent, are more likely to be of service to others, and share what they have with others. If you believe you can benefit from a positive group of people that promote happiness in their own lives and wish to share it with others, come meet us: We are The Hartford Happiness Club, and you are welcome.

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